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The following links about pollinators have been requested by

Sarah who, with her friends,

is studying bees and other important pollinators.


Why Bees and Pollination Are So Important



Guide to Beekeeping for Adults and Kids


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The North of England Horticultural Society

The North of England Horticultural Society is a leading gardening charity

supporting horticulture in the North of England. Part of the Society’s work

is to organise the Harrogate Spring and Autumn Flower Shows

at the Great Yorkshire Showground.


Other Organisations with similar aims to HDBAG



Buglife is the only organisation in Europe devoted to the conservation of all invertebrates, and we are passionately committed to saving Britain's rarest little animals, everything from bees to beetles, and spiders to snails. Today bugs are under threat as never before, so help us to secure a diverse and wildlife-rich planet for future generations

"BEELINES" - go to the Buglife site to find out about

this important project or click HERE for the link


The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust was set up because of concerns about the 'plight of the bumblebee'. In the last 70 years two species have become nationally extinct and several others declined dramatically. We aim to prevent further declines, and to raise awareness of the problems bumblebees face


Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is part of the influential UK-wide partnership of 47 Wildlife Trusts. The Trust has worked for more than 60 years to protect wildlife and wild places, and educate, influence and empower people. We manage 80 of the best sites and help others to manage theirs. Our work is helping to secure the future of many important habitats and species, which might otherwise be lost.



WWF-UK is the UK arm of the WWF Network, the world’s leading environmental organisation founded in 1961 and now active in over 100 countries. Using our unique combination of practical experience, knowledge and credibility, our 300-strong staff work with governments, businesses and communities both here in the UK and around the world so that people and nature thrive within their fair share of the planet’s natural resources.


The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Our work is driven by a passionate belief that we all have a responsibility to protect birds and the environment. Bird populations reflect the health of the planet on which our future depends.


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Biodiversity is simply the web of life on Earth

It comprises a hugely diverse range of species, genes and ecosystems