Biodiversity contributes:



Biodiversity contributes Billions

to the Economy



"Our honeybees, butterflies and other pollinators contribute up to £440 million to our economy every year - that's 13% of the country's entire income from farming.



The Peak District National Park alone contributes £155 million to the region in economic output - 60% of local businesses say business would suffer if the landscape deteriorated.


Farmers in environmental stewardship schemes, for example, reduce carbon emissions from their farms by 3.5 million metric tonnes a year - that's a carbon saving of around £1.25 billion

every 7 years.


The Marine and Coastal Access Act clears the way to the creation of a network of marine conservation zones around the UK that will provide ecosystem services worth up to £1.6 billion every year.


...we must begin the task of re-drawing that line, restoring and recapitalising the natural environment on which we depend for

the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat"



The above quotation from Caroline Spelman Secretary of State

for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs,

on 26 July 2010 is just as relevant today.


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Biodiversity is simply the web of life on Earth

It comprises a hugely diverse range of species, genes and ecosystems